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The Buffs Club is very proud to have taken a strong stand against Violence and anti-social behaviour within our Club.

Following a Coward Attack on a staff member at The Buff Club in January 2016, our Club has successfully launched its ‘Zero Tolerance – Clubs Say no to Violent and Anti-social Behaviours’ campaign.

Since that incident, we have focused on increasing the awareness of the effects that these acts of violence have on a range of people, not just those immediately involved. This has included working with a range of other similar organisations such as Stop the Coward Punch to increase awareness and help reduce the occurrence of these types of crimes within the Mount Isa Community.

The campaign has been branded with the colour purple which can be seen throughout the Club on a range of advertising. Merchandise is also available to purchase from the Bottle Shop. Each Friday Buffs Club staff proudly wear their Zero Tolerance shirts as their uniform, in support of the campaign and colleague.

The campaign and incident has attracted attention to our club on both a national and international level. We look forward to further developing the campaign in the future

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